Karla Dickens: Random Bits and Pieces

Random bits and pieces on how to fit square black pegs into round white holes.

The Wicca Cradle is a black empty tomb, covered by a black veil. It symbolises the lost, the grief, and the heartache that is never forgotten.

Karla Dickens, Never Forgotten, 2011

My five year old daughter Ginger slept in this cradle as a baby, next to my bed, safe and untouched. Now it honours the pain of the mothers and children that were separated, the families and lives destroyed. As I hold my daughter in my arms I think to my great grandmother, and each and every child that was removed. The pain and loss will never be forgotten. Aunty Sandra Lee said:

We want it back after waiting in vain for 20 years for the government’s proposed Aboriginal cultural centre. This land is part of the ongoing history of Aboriginal peoples’ struggle for land rights. It’s time the site is celebrated within our broader community so that it receives the recognition it deserves.

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